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Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut Thermal Grease Paste – 3.9 Grams

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The Aeronaut  thermal paste is an ideal entry-level product with very good effectiveness: The high surface protection and good thermal conductivity of Aeronaut  is ideal for all users who want to optimize their cooling system effectively or, for example, want to replace the thermal paste supplied with the hardware – and this is an outstanding one Price-performance ratio.

  • Very good thermal conductivity
  • High long-term stability
  • No curing
  • Not electrically conductive
  • Applicable to aluminum coolers
    (warning label is exclusively for Conductonaut!)

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Although the proportion of metallic elements is slightly lower compared to other products in our range, Aeronaut  also offers reliable and high-performance thermal conductivity.

In the laboratory test, Aeronaut shows a very long resistance at high temperatures and is gentle on the surface – in comparison, when removing the thermal paste, hardly any micro-scratches are left on the cooling surfaces.


Thermal resistance           0.0129 K / W
Electrical conductivity *0 pS / m
viscosity 110-160 Pas
Spec. Weight 2.6g / cm3
temperature -150 ° C / +200 ° C
contents  1g  1.5ml / 3.9g 3ml / 7.8g 10ml / 26g

* according to DIN 51412-1


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